How It Works?

What is Online Nutrition?
Software is a nutrition that helps patients achieve positive results more quickly.

As the software assists in achieving results?
To access the page from your dietitian, you can take online questions, monitor the entire treatment, access the social network of patients to exchange experiences, make nutrition tasks that assist in the correction of dietary mistakes and so have more effective results in their returns.

What are the nutrition of tasks?
You will do the tasks according to their nutritional stage:
Calorie food -Diário
Food -Diário of emotion
Food -Diário Photo
-Daily Physical activity
-Questionnarie Metabolic
-Calculation Calorie snacks
Symptoms -Questionnarie
Among other requested by your nutritionist.

What are the advantages of this treatment?
By accessing the page from your dietitian, you will have access to recipes, articles, diet tips and viewing all your query history. You can download their diets on your cell phone and have a shopping list drawn up by your nutritionist with images of food and where to find them.

How can I access the Online Nutrition?
Select Nutritionist Nutrition Software Online in your city, and consultation you will have a password to access the page of your nutritionist computer and application.

As is access by the application?
You will access the online portions of the application with the same e-mail and nutritionist page access password and you can view their return dates, nutritional evolution chart, do photo diary and ask questions with your nutritionist.

How to Find a Nutritionist Online Nutrition?
Click the Footer on: Find a Nutritionist Software, put your city and state and choose the address and telephone number of a nutritionist. Contact us to schedule your appointment and through a physical and nutritional assessment will draw up a personalized menu to promote the achievement of their goals.

Good luck and make peace with your health!

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