The first patient of the menu is the first step to reach your goal. So it is important to be very close to routine patient to facilitate follow up.

There are several tools for this menu to be effective, the choice will depend on your clinical practice, see the following ways:

Traditional 1-Form:

In 24 hours daily in history question the patient about their Habitual day:
What time usually wake up?
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
He will report their schedules and real foods of their day-to-day and nutritionist notes the tool.

Then just adjust the usual day in the food plan and automatically attach to the patient’s diet page.

When the patient receiving the menu, will be in their usual day more easily to follow him.

More dynamic 2-Form:

In the 24h recall in history, as the patient is responding, the nutritionist can go adjusting meals, for example:
Patient says: I do not usually take breakfast
Nutritionist says: what food you could eat in the morning, 1 fruit or 1 yogurt or 1 slice of bread? (Nutritionist already notes food chosen by the patient and will adapting to the menu of the calculation).
The nutritionist organizes and corrects for when calculating the menu, become more familiar to the patient.

More advanced 3-shape calculating the food plan:

After all patient assessment, the dietitian accesses the eating plan and questions about usual day and the patient with the patient adds the food the usual day, putting the suggestions in the calculation of own eating plan .

After finished entering the food , the dietitian enters the menu in the patient’s folder : Attach diet in the patient’s folder by selecting its name.

The intention of the first diet in this way , is to have a slight initial improvement in the patient’s habits and that he has presented positive results in the first return with an easy diet to follow as their habits .

The food Plane Software enables this behavior because the calculation is dynamic and diet can be directly saved in the patient folder.



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