Qual seu biotipo

Weight loss should not require sacrifices but discipline.

The weight loss should respect your body type to be beneficial. Each person is unique and should seek to improve their health as your body type.

Weight reduction or increase in lean mass, must be consistent with the characteristics of each person. When power is healthy and combined with a chosen sport for the pleasure of their practice, the body finds its natural balance and aligns to your body type.

You can motivate yourself to be reflected in a body that wonder, but it is important that values its own. “The neighbor’s grass always seems greener” So be careful to restrict yourself from foods or force strenuous sports activities.

Seek balance of your targeted manner body without risks and without sacrifices and be surprised with what your body type is able to do for you.

Only you can do for you. Admire up
Love yourself
start over again
take care
balance up

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