Diet And Weight Loss


The amount and variety of food our food reflects the gain or loss of weight and the amount of nutrients consumed by food, determines the lack or excess of vitamins and minerals.

Often your biggest concern is the consumption of calories and does not take into account the nutrients consumed in food, if rich in sodium, vitamin C, calcium or other.

The inadequacy of both calories as nutrient is crucial in our health and this control is difficult for consumers even looking at the labels. We eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, functional and organic but do not know determine the amount of nutrients or even total calories from your day.

This review can be made by page of a nutritionist Software Online Nutrition, correcting her food day and makes suggestions for improvements.

So do not waste time trying to count calories of your day and look for a nutritionist who works with the Online Nutrition, which will assess your calorie intake and total nutrients, check what is in deficit or excess in your food and troubleshoot riding a menu according to your need and giving greater attention to their treatment