Shooting healthy dishes and food or light and posting on social networks is an incentive for those who need to lose weight. This habit is interesting to show the consumption of healthy and beautiful food and is good for all to see.

But who can really assess whether this dish is suitable? A dish assesses the health of your entire day? We agree that not because being healthy is having healthy consumption habits all day.

So shoot all the food of your day and can post to the end of the day all the images and have someone to evaluate and correct, it is something that will make a difference in your food.

A hearty meal in your day will make no difference in your health if you have no guidance to what you’re doing is right or wrong. But having a professional guiding and correcting him, it will make all the difference and will show you new options or even food preparations from the picture of your meal.

Be sure to have this accompanied by a professional who uses this photographic daily monitoring technique to have another ally to your health.

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