he Epoc is the body’s ability to burn calories even after the workout. And so the power in the post workout is so important to optimize energy expenditure by Epoc.

Bet on protein foods, low in fat as poultry, fish and eggs, which help in muscle recovery. They can be combined with sources of carbohydrates, low glycemic index, which replenish the lost energy during training, such as whole wheat bread and fruit. If the training is intense and lasts longer than 1 hour and a half is required to consume carbohydrate after giving preference to the full.

I will cite some examples: In the morning bread with scrambled eggs made with lighter and less gems, white cheese and 1 cup light yogurt. The afternoon and evening colorful vegetables, salad leaves, shredded chicken with extra virgin olive oil.
The Epoc is the range that the body takes to recover and return the energy levels at rest. In the meantime the body keeps burning calories for a while, even if the person is resting.

During the Epoc, this caloric expenditure can keep 15% above normal even if we are at home and the level varies from year to year. Therefore, great caution when feeding in the post exercise. Any slide, can by everything to lose. Post workout: bet in high biological value protein such as lean meat, eggs, milk and dairy products. Or in the form of whey protein, albumin, amino acids, along with carbohydrate to ensure muscle recovery.

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Source: Journal of Medicine; Review of Nutrition and Sport vol. 19 RG Nutri

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